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Welcome to Juan L. Varona web pages. Here you can download most of my research articles and related material, such as conferences and proceedings of congresses, my Ph. D. thesis,... Unless otherwise stated, all of them are .pdf and/or .tex files, perhaps compressed. In many cases, also links to the final published published versoin are included.

Please, send me a message if you try to download a file without success.

Note that some papers can have an appearance and a format different to the used in the corresponding journal. Also, perhaps the final version in the journal will have some English and other minor changes.

Some of my coauthors have their own web pages: Luís Daniel Abreu, Fernando Albiac, Wolfgang Creyaufmüller, Antonio J. Durán, T. Alastair Gillespie, José Manuel Gutiérrez, Andrew N. W. Hone, Carlos Lizama, Florian Luca, Gunar Matthies, Mario Pérez, Luz Roncal, Mehdi Salimi, Krzysztof Stempak, Pablo Raúl Stinga, José Luis Torrea, Paul Zimmermann.

Papers in journals

Papers in proceedings of conferences and chapters of books

Ph. D. Thesis (in Spanish)

I lectured my Ph. D. Thesis on december 10, 1988, in the Universidad de Cantabria (Santander), under the direction of Professor José J. Guadalupe. Here, you can get a copy of it.

Publications related to TeX

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