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EACA 2016: Logroño (Spain) 22-24th June 2016

EACA 2016 Conference Proceedings

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  Wednesday, June 22nd
8:30-9:30 Reception of participants
9:00-9:30 Opening and welcome, room "Salón de actos"
9:30-10:30 Plenary talk, room "Salón de actos"
Lawrence Paulson
The Future of Formalised Mathematics
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
  Parallel session, room 036 Parallel session, room 037
11:00-11:30 Alberto Fernandez Boix, Alessandro De Stefani, and Davide Vanzo.
An algorithm for constructing certain differential operators in positive characteristic
Luke Oeding
Are all Secant Varieties of Segre Products Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay?
11:35-12:05 Georg Grasegger, N. Thieu Vo and Franz Winkler
A Decision Algorithm for Rational General Solutions of First-Order Algebraic ODEs
Hans Baumers and Ferran Dachs-Cadefau
Computing jumping numbers in higher dimensions
12:10-12:40 Juan J. Morales-Ruiz, Sonia L. Rueda and Mª Angeles Zurro
A note on Burchnall-Chaundy polynomials and differential resultants
Gema Diaz-Toca and Henri Lombardi
A Pseudo-Matrix Approach to Prüfer Domains
12:45-13:15 Alberto Llorente and Jorge Mozo-Fernández
A numeric-symbolic algorithm for computing the Liouvillian solutions of differential equations and systems
Teresa Cortadellas, Carlos D'Andrea and Florian Enescu
On the resolution of fan algebras of principal ideals over Noetherian rings
13:15-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:30 Plenary talk, room "Salón de actos"
Andrea Solotar
Rewriting processes, projective resolutions and ambiguities
16:30-17:00 Coffee break
  Parallel session, room 036 Parallel session, room 037
17:00-17:30 José Gómez-Torrecillas, F.J. Lobillo and Gabriel Navarro
Separability Test and Cyclic Convolutional Codes
Jorge Caravantes, Gema M. Diaz-Toca and Henri Lombardi
A GCD Algorithm by Values
17:35-18:05 Rosario Rubio and M. Pilar Vélez
Verification of the effectiveness of DS-LDPC codes for memory applications
Laureano González Vega
Resultants and Subresultants through evaluation
18:10-18:40 José Manuel Casas, Manuel Ladra, Bakhrom Omirov and Rustam Turdibaev
On Algebraic properties of the human ABO-Blood Group Inheritance Pattern
Teresa Cortadellas, Carlos D'Andrea and Eulàlia Montoro
The formalism of Rational Interpolation
20:00 City Tour
  Thursday, June 23rd
9:30-10:30 Plenary talk, room "Salón de actos"
Carlos D'Andrea
Elimination Theory in Positive Characteristic 
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
  Parallel session, room 036 Parallel session, room 037
11:00-11:30 Fatemeh Mohammadi, Eduardo Sáenz-De-Cabezón and Henry Wynn
Generators of multiple failure ideals of k-out-of-n and consecutive k-out-of-n systems
Josep M. Brunat and Antonio Montes
Canonical Representation of Constructible Sets
11:35-12:05 J. Rafael Sendra, David Sevilla and Carlos Villarino
Algebraic aspects of radical parametrizations
Joydip Saha, Indranath Sengupta and Gaurab Tripathi
Gröbner Bases for I_1(XY)
12:10-12:40 Miguel A. Abanades, Francisco Botana and Tomas Recio
Automatic Discovery in GeoGebra. First Steps
Aureliano M. Robles-Pérez
Numerical semigroups: suitable sets of pseudo-Frobenius numbers
12:45-13:15 Ibrahim Adamou, Mario Fioravanti and Laureano Gonzalez-Vega
Computing the medial axis for closed planar domains bounded by segments and conic arcs
Ujue Etayo
The condition number of polynomials and its relationship with a set of points on the sphere
13:15-13:30 Group picture
13:30-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:30 Plenary talk, room "Salón de actos"
Enrique Artal
Computational Methods in the Topology of Algebraic Varieties (video)
16:30-17:00 Coffee break
  Parallel session, room 036 Parallel session, room 037
17:00-17:30 José Manuel Casas, Manuel Avelino Insua, Manuel Ladra and Susana Ladra
A Refined Algorithm for Testing the Leibniz n-Algebra Structure
Jesús Aransay and Jose Divasón
Verified Computer Linear Algebra
17:35-18:05 Xabier García Martínez, Rustam Turdibaev and Tim van der Linden
On the universal enveloping algebra of an n-Lie algebra
Laureano Lamban, Francisco-Jesus Martin-Mateos, Julio Rubio and Jose-Luis Ruiz-Reina
Towards a Verifiable Topology of Data
18:10-18:40 Pilar Benito and Iván Pérez-Aradros
Computing in Lie algebras with small number of ideals
David Jeffrey and Albert Rich
Recent developments in the RUBI integration project
20:30 Social event - Dinner (Bodegas Franco-Españolas)
  Friday, June 24th
10:00-11:00 Plenary talk, room "Salón de actos"
Mohamed Barakat
How to implement a category on the computer and why?
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
  Parallel session, room 036 Parallel session, room 037
11:30-12:00 Luis Javier Hernández Paricio and María Teresa Rivas Rodríguez
Self-overlays and shape of the Julia set of a rational map
Macarena Ansola, Antonio Diaz-Cano and Maria-Angeles Zurro
A constructive approach to the real rank of a binary form
12:05-12:35 Ana Romero Ibanez and Francis Sergeraert
Simplicial Effective Homotopy
Isabel Bermejo, Eva García-Llorente and Ignacio Garcia-Marco
Algebraic invariants of projective monomial curves associated to generalized arithmetic sequences
12:40-13:10 Pedro Real
Generating (Co)Homological Interactions within AT-Model Context
Isabel Bermejo, Eva Garcia-Llorente, Ignacio Garcia-Marco, and Marcel Morales
Noether resolutions in dimension 2
13:15-13:45 Closing session, room "Salón de actos"
13:45-15:30 Lunch

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