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Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales



International students who have been selected by their home institutions to study at Universidad de La Rioja as exchange students should send the following application form and Learning Agreement to the International Office of the University of La Rioja.
The deadline of applications are:
1st semester and whole year: 30th MAY
2nd semester : 30TH NOVEMBER
Applications sent after those dates WON'T be admitted

Application Form 76Kb
Department Co-ordinators Information 54Kb
Learning agreement (English) 62Kb
Learning agreement (French) 62Kb

Further documents:

· Letter of selection issued by the home institution
· European health card (E-128) or other insurance document
· 2 passport-size photos
· A photocopy of passport or identity card

These documents should be sent to:
Universidad de La Rioja
International Relations Office
Edificio Rectorado
Avenida de la Paz 93
26006 Logroño Spain
Ph: +34 941 299 152
Fax:+34 941 299 769

To download the Foreign Students Guide


Logroņo has a small airport which receives domestic flights from Madrid and Barcelona. It works with Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterraneo-Iberia Regional. You can book your tickets in the next web: http://www.iberia.com Once you get to Agoncillo airport, you must call a cab (Taxi phones: 941-505050/ 941-222122). It cost about 15-18 euros and you will be in the centre of Logroño in 10 minutes. Other nearby international airports are Bilbao (Aeropuerto de La Paloma), Madrid (Aeropuerto de Barajas), Zaragoza or Barcelona, Vitoria (Foronda), Pamplona (Noain), San Sebastián (Hondarribia), Santander (Maliaño), Burgos, etc...For further information you can check: www.aena.es or http://www.lariojaturismo.com/como_llegar/Once you are at one of those airports, communication to Logroņo is much easier and faster by coach and by train.
Area Map

Bilbao-Logroño (Distance 152 km.)
You can get from Bilbao to Logroņo by train or coach.

Coach: If you arrive at Bilbao airport you can pick a bus which leads to the city. The last stop is Termibus, the point where the bus station, the underground (Metro Bilbao) and the train station converge. For further information about this bus you can look here: http://www2.bilbao.net/bilbaoturismo/castellano/cllegar/cllap3.htm
You can also take a taxi to the Bus Station of Terminal Garellano. The name of the company that goes to Logroņo is called LA UNION (ALAVESA). Once in the station, you should go to their counter and ask for coaches to Logroņo. Contact telephone in Bilbao: +34-94-4271111 or +34-94-4395205 (general information). Contact telephone in Logroņo: +34-941-235983 (general information).

NOTE: Bilbao bus station is outdoors!

Train: The Train station at Bilbao is called Estaciķn de Abando, address: Plaza Circular, 2, contact phone: +34-94-423 86 23. The national rail company in Spain is called RENFE, for further information go to www.renfe.es, contact phone: +34-902-240202.

Madrid-Logroño (Distance 333 km.)
You can get from Madrid to Logroņo by plane, train and coach.

Plane: Madrid-Logroño flights can be found on Iberia’s website (a flying company) http://www.iberia.com/

Coach: If you arrive at Madrid airport (Barajas), you can take either a taxi or the underground (you can have a look at the undergorund map at: www.metromadrid.es (underground stop Avenida de América and address: Intercambiador de Avenida de América Nº 9) More information about coaches’ timetables to Logroño, www.alsa.es and phone number:+34-902-422242.

Train: There are very few trains from Madrid to Logroņo (Chamartín or Atocha railway station). For information on the train timetables visit the webpage of RENFE, the National Train Company of Spain www.renfe.es, contact phone:+34-902-240202.

Zaragoza-Logroño (Distance 172 km.)
You can get from Zaragoza to Logroño by plane, train and coach.

Coaches from Zaragoza to Logroño leave from the station : C/ Avda. Navarra nº 80 (Estación intermodal de Zaragoza). For further information: www.grupo-jimenez.com.

Train: There are several trains from Zaragoza to Logroño. For information on the train timetables visit the webpage of RENFE, the National Train Company of Spain www.renfe.es, contact phone:+34-902-240202.

Barcelona-Logroño (Distance 468 km.)
You can get from Barcelona to Logroño by plane, train and coach.

If you arrive at Barcelona airport (El Prat), you can take a suburban train or a bus. If you take suburban trains (RENFE «Rodalies» service), you must leave at Arc de Triomf stop (Estación del Norte bus station) or Sants stop (Sants railway station). You can see the corresponding timetables in this website: www.renfe.es/cercanias/barcelona/index_horarios.html

If you get a bus (line 46), you must leave at the last stop: Espanya square (Pl. Espanya) stop. Then you must get the underground to Arc de Triomf stop (Estación del Norte bus station) or Sants stop (Sants railway station). Barcelona Metro can be found on this website: www.tmb.net/en_US/home.jsp

Plane: Barcelona-Logroño flights can be found on Iberia’s website: http://www.iberia.com/

Coach: Coaches from Barcelona to Logroño leave from Estación de Barcelona Nord (C/ D’Ali Bei, nº 80). The name of the company that goes to Logroño is called ALSA and its webpage is: www.alsa.es (you can purchase tickets online). Contact telephone: +34 902-260606.

Train: There are several trains from Barcelona (Sants railway station) to Logroño. For information on the train timetables visit the webpage of RENFE, the National Train Company of Spain www.renfe.es, contact phone:+34-902-240202.

Hendaya-Logroño (Distance 114 km.)
If you come from France by train you should arrive at Hendaya. Hendaia/ Hendaya is a small French village which borders on Spain. The name of the company that goes to Logroño is called LA ESTELLESA (www.laestellesa.com). If you get in contact with LA ESTELLESA (contact phone: +34-948-326509/ +34-902-101044; fax.: 948-326518; e-mail: info@laestellesa.com) at least one day BEFORE, a coach will go by to pick you up. Its way is Hendaya-Irún-San Sebastián-Logroño.

Should you travel by car or other means of transport :
If you intend to travel by road, you may check the following website: http://www.unirioja.es/universidad/presentacion/como_llegar.shtml
Road Map


The University Library houses more than 150,000 books. There are three reading rooms with 400 seats. There are also some small rooms which are used by students to work in groups. The Library has other facilities too such as a Periodicals Library, which receives more than 2,000 academic periodical publications, a European Document Centre and a Newspaper-room where International and National Newspapers are available. http://biblioteca.unirioja.es

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: From 8:30 to 21:30
Saturday: From 9:00 to 14:00
During exam periods, opening hours are modified.

Computer Rooms
There are 12 Computer Rooms at the UR with over 200 computers. All campus buildings include several computer rooms with Internet access. International Students have free access to these facilities. Campus Map (219 kb.)

Recreation & Sport
The Modern University Sports Centre is located on the Campus. There you can find information about the activities which are being or will be offered (aerobics, basketball, soccer, excursions, fitness, trekking, ski…) The sports centre website is: http://www.unirioja.es/servicios/sad/index.shtml

Perhaps you need a temporary accommodation for the first days. You will find some hotels and hostels in this web page: http://lariojaturismo.com/Alojamientos/index.php

The University of La Rioja does not own students flats but maintains a web page with a database for housing which students may consult prior to their arrival.
Apartment databases
You will find updated and detailed information regarding prices, size, location, etc… in this web.

Once you have found an apartment, a contract is usually made between the owner and the student including information for example whether the water, electricity and gas expenses are included or not in the monthly payment.

A deposit is usually required which normally amounts to a monthly payment. This will be fully refunded as long as no damage has been produced to the flat and the student stays for the whole period agreed in the contract. In general, flats are fully equipped but students are advised to bring their own house linen.

If you choose to live in a shared apartment and you need accommodation for your first days in Logroño please indicate it in your application form. Please note that you must inform the International Relations Office of your travelling arrangements at least a week prior to your arrival.

Students have also the possibility of staying in one of the Halls of Residence. Information about the different residences can be found in the University web page: Halls of residence

If you choose to live in a hall of residence please let us know which one by indicating it in the application form.
Note that most halls of residence are closed during summer and do not open until courses begin.

Eating at the University
On the Campus, there are 2 cafeterias located on the following buildings: Quintiliano and Científico Tecnológico. In these cafeterias it is possible to have either snacks, sandwiches or a proper meal. They offer a special menu - menú del día -at a relatively low cost (approximately 5 - 7 €).

Student Associations
In the University of La Rioja there are cultural, professional, solidarity, leisure associations, etc. There is also a literary magazine and a theatre group. If you are interested in joining any of these activities you will be able to obtain more information once you are in Logroño at the Consejo de Estudiantes (Edificio Filologías) http://www.unirioja.es/estudiantes/index_consejo.shtml.

You can find information about the different associations in the next link: http://www.unirioja.es/estudiantes/asociaciones.shtml

Academic Information
You will find detailed information on the courses offered at the UR at the following link: Study programmes

Registration takes place at the International Office usually a week after the start of each semester. In this manner students have enough time to visit the courses they may be interested in taking as well as to make all the necessary arrangements and changes in their academic timetables.

The academic calendar can be found on the following page: http://www.unirioja.es/estudiantes/calendario_academico/

Spanish Language Courses
The Language Centre of University of La Rioja offers free Spanish Courses during the academic year. The aim of these courses is to help students to improve their language skills and thus be able to make the outmost of their study period. Students should take into account that these courses are not official and that no credit points are awarded for them (otherwise agreed with your home University). At the beginning of every semester students who are interested in these courses will have to take a level test. There are currently two levels: intermediate and advanced.

For further information on other language courses, see webpage: www.fundacion.unirioja.es/espanol/ing/index.shtml

NOTE: University of La Rioja Foundation (FUR) cooperates with Instituto Cervantes to accredit the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).The Diplomas in Spanish are considered as sufficient accreditation of knowledge of the language for any professional or academic activity in Spain requiring the appropriate level of competence (Article 4.3, Royal Decree 1137/2002). In order to inform you about international recognition see website: http://diplomas.cervantes.es/general/reconocimiento.jsp

You can take the examination (Intermediate–High–Superior) in November or May. For further details: www.fundacion.unirioja.es/espanol/ing/complementarios/que_es_dele.shtml


The Tourist Information Office is located on Paseo del Espolón nº 1. There you will be able to find information about Logroño and La Rioja but also about the rest of Spain. Telephone number: 941 29 12 60

The Tourist Information Office of Logroño is located on Portales, 50 (Antiguas Escuelas Daniel Trevijano) 26001, their phone number is 941 273 353 and their website www.logroturismo.org

Some other useful websites:
City Hall of Logroño: www.logro-o.org
Government of Rioja: www.larioja.org
Regional Ministry of Tourism: www.larioja.org/turismo
Tourism in La Rioja: www.lariojaturismo.com
Tourism in Logroño: www.logroturismo.org
Bretón de los Herreros Theatre: www.logro-o.org/breton/index.asp
Amós Salvador Exhibition hall: www.logro-o.org/culturalrioja/sala_amos.htm
Guide for Leisure in Logroño: www.guiadelocio.com/logrono/
El Rioja y los 5 sentidos: www.lariojacalidad.org/elriojaylos5sentidos/
Festivals in Logroño: www.logro-o.org
Festivals of San Mateo: www.logroturismo.org/agenda_san_mateo_08.htm

Cost of living
The main expenses are living, food, clothes, transport, etc. You can have a look at this website: http://http://ec.europa.eu/ploteus/home.jsp?language=es

Some examples:

  • Accommodation for a month: 600 €
  • Cost of food for a month: 250 €
  • Transport for a month: 45 €
  • Urban bus ticket: 0.60 €
  • A cinema ticket: 5.70€
  • A newspaper: 1 €
  • A loaf of bread: 0.50 €

Logroño has a continental climate with gentle and pleasant temperatures practically all year round. The seasons of the year follow a regular pattern and extreme temperatures are not common. November to January are the coldest months (average temperature 6ºC). The highest temperatures are recorded in summer, during July and August (average temperature 29ºC). .

Logroño is one of Spain's most commercial towns and has been granted several awards due to the high quality of its commerce. Most of the clothes shops, shoe shops, etc... are located in the City, but it is also possible to find this sort of shops all over Logroño . Shops are open six days a week from Monday to Saturday (although some of them close on Monday mornings). Their usual opening hours are: From 10:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00. In summer, some shops remain open until 20:30.

Bookshops: The University of La Rioja does not have a bookshop on the campus. Students will find many bookshops in the City-Centre and in the old part of town, there they will be able to find the books and other research material they may need. If you need to make photocopies there are many different establishments close to the University which offer very competitive prices.

Food shopping: Most supermarkets are open from 09:00 to 20:00 even though some of them are open for even longer hours and do not close until 21:30. You can also find small corner shops where you can buy bread, fruit, vegetables, etc…

Markets: There are different traditional markets in Logroño where you can buy fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. They are the best place to buy typical products from the region. The oldest one is called Plaza de Abastos, a beautiful 1930's building located in the old centre of town.

Mercadillos: (Street markets) They are also very traditional in small villages and offer lower prices than normal shops. In Logroño there is only one, mainly for clothes, located in Marqués de la Ensenada. Opening hours: Wednesday and Sunday mornings.

Bus Station (for long distance journeys, NOT for metropolitan service):
The Bus Station is located in Avenida de España nº 1.
Telephone number of the Information Office: 941 23 59 83

Private bus companies operate from Logroño to the main Spanish towns on a daily basis. You can get the timetables by calling the aforementioned number.

Train Station:
The train station is located in Plaza de Europa s/n. Telephonic enquires and reservations can be made calling to 902 24 02 02.

Uni-taxi Rioja: 941 22 21 22 / 941 50 50 50

Urban Buses:
Information Centre: 941 29 27 77

There are 11 lines of urban buses, and 2 night lines (BÚHO) during the weekend. The bus service starts at 7:00 and finishes at 23:30 with buses coming every 15 minutes and 30 minutes on the weekend. The night bus service (BÚHO) goes from 23:30 to 4:00 with buses every 30 minutes . The service starts at 7:00 and finishes at 22:30.
You can ask for the “bono bus” for students and find further information on this website: www.logro-o.org

You can also take a look at the buses routes on this map: www.logro-o.org/pub/logrono_mapa_bus.htm

There is a Bank Office in the Campus (Edificio Quintiliano).
Bank opening hours: From 9:00 to 14:00
Bear in mind that bank offices are no open on the afternoon.

Currency: The Spanish currency is the Euro.
Coins: 2 €, 1 €, 50 c, 20 c, 10, 5 c, 2 c, 1c.
Notes: 500€, 100€, 200€, 50€, 20 €, 10 €, 5 €.

(Notice that certain shops, bars, cafés etc… might not accept notes bigger than 50 €)

Post Office:
There are three Post Offices in Logroño:
- Plaza de San Agustín nº 1
Tel: 941 28 68 02
- Avd. de Lobete nº 1
Tel: 941 23 64 32
- Barrera nº 22, bajo

From Monday to Friday: From 8:30 to 20:30 (no lunch-time closing)
Saturday: From 9:30 to 14:00 (They may be different in summer)

We will give you detailed information on what to do and where to go in case of illness once you are in Logroño.

Please remember that you must bring with you your E-128 form or Private Insurance Policy. You will be required to present a copy upon arrival.

Where to eat
For "Tapas" and typical La Rioja food there are two main streets Calle Laurel and Calle San Juan. They are located in the Old Centre and there you will find many small tapas bars, opening at midday and at night, where you can try different specialities.
If you prefer other type of food, Logroño also offers you a wide range of Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Nouvelle Cuisine style food etc.

Cinema and Theatre
There are 3 cinemas in Logroño Cines Ábaco, Cines Golem and Cines Moderno.
Tickets cost around 5,50 € except on Wednesday (Día del espectador) when they are 3,50€.

Bretón Theatre offers an interesting programme including films in their original languages, theatre, musicals…

Museums & Art Galleries
In Logroño there are several galleries, some are public and others are privately owned. Most of the exhibitions they house are travelling exhibitions which means that museums and art galleries change the contents regularly.

Sala Ibercaja
Opening hours:
From Monday to Saturday: From 19:00 to 21:00
Sunday: From 12:00 to 14:00
C/San Antón nº 3

Centro Cultural Caja Rioja
Opening Hours:
From 18:00 to 21:00
C/ Gran Via nº 2

Museo de la Rioja
Opening hours:
From Tuesday to Saturday: From 10:00 to 14:00 and From 16:00 to 21:00
Sunday: From 11:30 to 14:00
Plaza de San Agustín

Casa de Las Ciencias
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: From 9:30 a 13: 30 and from 16:30 a 20:30
Sunday: From 10:30 to 14:30 and from 17:00 to 21:00
Calle del Ebro, nº1

Galería Pedro Torres
C/ Calvo Sotelo nº27

Galería de Arte Martínez Glera
C/ Marqués de Vallejo nº 3

Other Useful Addresses
Immigration Services
Oficina Única para asuntos de Extranjería
Calle Jorge Vigón 72
From 9:00 to 14:00

Most Erasmus students do not need a student visa. If you need one, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may issue the necessary documents for you.

In order to contact the Embassy in Spain, please visit the following website from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.maec.es

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us:

International Relations Office
Edificio de Rectorado
Avda. de la Paz nº 93
26006 Logroño
Telephone Number: +34 941 299 152

Relaciones Internacionales e Institucionales

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