J. Ignacio Extremiana Aldana, L. Javier Hernández Paricio
y M. Teresa Rivas Rodrí guez

Departamento de Matemáticas y Computación, Universidad de La Rioja, 26004 Logroño


In this paper we have tried to explore the presence of polyhedra in some areas of the human activity. Taking as started point a reflection about the platonic association of regular polyhedra to different cosmic elements we have a look at the study and the use of polyhedra in art, science and technology. We emphasise some recent applications of polyhedral techniques to biological, chemical and physical processes. The symmetries, topological invariants and geometrical properties play an important role in phenomena such that the virus replication, the study of molecular structures and different properties of the substances.


Cuerpos e ideas platónicas

Poliedros, Ciencia y Tecnología

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