Lecture notes, exams and solutions, Mathematica programs for Differential Geometry and Homotopy Theory (by Luis Javier HERNÁNDEZ PARICIO)

Homotopy Theory:
1.  Grupoide fundamental y aplicaciones recubridoras (Spanish), 98 pp. (pdf, 2002).
2.  Mathematica program which approaches a data file by a pure cubic complex and computes the homology of a finite cubic complex. EDH

Differential Geometry:
1.  Introducción a la Geometría Diferencial, 172 pp. (Spanish, pdf, 2003).
2.  RiemannianGeometry2007, The Package RiemmannnianGeometry has been developed to be used with the application Mathematica, is quite useful for the following processes:
1) It calculates the pseudometric induced by an inmersion of a manifold M into a pseudoriemannian manifold N,
2) Using the pseudometric coefficients it calculates the Christoffel symbols, the differential equations of the geodesics, the coefficients of the curvature tensor and the sectional curvature.