Seminar on Topological Dynamics

June 21-23, 2010
University of La Rioja, Logroño, Spain

Logroño: Santa María de Palacio Church and Santa María de la Redonda Towers
Organizing Committee
The city of Logroño

    The central object of study in topological dynamics is a topological dynamical system, i.e. a topological space, together with a continuous transformation, a continuous flow, or more generally, a semigroup of continuous transformations of that space. The origins of topological dynamics lie in the study of asymptotical properties of trajectories of systems of autonomous ordinary differential equations, in particular, the behavior of limit sets and various manifestations of "repetitiveness" of the motion, such as periodic trajectories, recurrence and minimality, stability, non-wandering points. The pionering work of Herny Ponicaré on the study of the topological properties of solutions of differential equations and the great impetus given by George Birkhoff in his celebrated monography on Dynamical Systems are considered by many researches as the origins of this field.
    The scope of the conference will be wide, but it will emphasize specific problems on topological dynamical systems: Transformation and group actions, stability, attractors, repellers, limit spaces, end spaces, index theory, Morse-Conley indices, isolated invariant sets and new topological techniques for dynamical systems. There will also be an emphasis on involving young topologist in dynamical systems.
  FINANCIACIÓN:   Vicerrectorado de Investigación de la UR (con cargo al Convenio de Cooperación entre la Comunidad Autónoma y la Universidad de La Rioja). CIME (Centro de investigación de Informática, Matemáticas y Estadística). RET (Red Española de Topología).