Welcome to Alberto Arenas' web page. Here you could obtain information about me and my research.

I was born in Logroño (the capital of La Rioja) in 1987. However I have always lived in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja). I have a bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I have had this since 2013 when I produced my thesis "Estudios de regiones de seguridad asociadas a trayectorias de proyectiles" (read in Spanish). I have also obtained a Master of Science degree in Mathematics with the master thesis "Series de Fourier-Jacobi en espacios de Morrey" (read in Spanish) in 2014.

Nowadays I am working on my PhD thesis under the direction of Prof. Óscar Ciaurri at the University of La Rioja. In addition I am currently a researcher in training at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science thanks to a grant supported by the goverment of the Comunidad Autónoma de La Rioja.