Programming and Symbolic

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Universidad de La Rioja


We are the Programming and Symbolic Computation Team, at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of La Rioja , located in the city of Logroño, Spain.

Symbolic computation systems are an important tool for the scientific calculation and discovery. Apart from well-known commercial products (Mathematica, Maple,), there exists a great variety of systems developed in the academic context, without many connections with the current trends in Software Engineering. Our previous experience has been focused on the design, specification and construction of symbolic computation systems for Algebraic Topology. In particular, our main research area has been the formal analysis of one of these tools, namely, the EAT system.

At this moment, we are involved in a more holistic approach, one that deals with software verification, conceptual modelling and Internet-based services; that is, to devise algebraic manipulation systems in the Software Engineering framework. Our objective is then to make progress towards a methodology for the analysis, specification, development, verification and maintenance of symbolic computation systems.


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